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Holy Carp-Ed's latest BAD business model

When is he going to realize that he's helping to flush SDMB down the crapper? You know, I've never run a newspaper, but I do know that listening to what your customers have to say is a good thing. Which Eddie Z hasn't done. I'm shocked that someone who is this willfully obtuse can hold a managerial position. Hopefully not for long.
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"latest BAD business model"

Uh, cite? You mean SD Chicago?
That's what I was wondering- who cares if there is a separate area for Chicago people. They're based in....Chicago! It doesn't effect me either way or seem particularly boneheaded.
Second this. All I can see is it possibly creates more traffic for the message board, which would equal more ad revenue, so I honestly don't understand what's so upsetting about it. Were there threads where a lot of people said, "Oh noes! Don't create an SD Chicago area, that would be terrible!"? Honest question, because I never saw any, but I also don't spend a lot of time on the boards.
I never even noticed the subforums until someone was bitching in the Pit about it. Talk about a big "meh".
I did finally see the Pit thread about it, but am still having a hard time seeing how it's such a horrible business model or why people should be so up in arms about it. I mean, I've been as fed up as anybody with the way the administration runs things around there, but this particular outrage really doesn't make much sense to me.
I don't agree. I think they are trying to pick up some of the TimeOut/Chowhound/type crowd.
You folks have drunk the flavor aide.
In what sense? What is it that's pissing you off about it?
Not Flavor Aid. It's Indifference Aid. Don'tgiveahappy aid. Whocares Aid.

What's up with you and the Hater Aid?
I'm going to build a shrine to this comment.
I don't go there much, so I have no idea what you're talking about. Linky linky, maybe?
Maybe it's time for somebody to invest in unbunching panties.
It was a Chicago-based rag, so why not carve out some space for Chicago-specific posts? Makes sense to me. I've been pretty impressed with a lot of the Chicago Dopers I've met, so if this brings a few more of their quality to the other forums on the message boards, I'll be pleased.
I think it's a stupid waste of time, as I can't imagine there aren't a dozen other larger, more established boards to get restaurant and entertainment recommendations. Why on Og's green earth would someone go to the Dope specifically for such a thing? The Chowhound folks will by and large go to, well, Chowhound, don't you think?
Ya know, the day that I would let an internet message board twist my panties up so tight that my eyes started to bulge, would (hopefully) be the day that I realize that maybe I should shove my chair away from the computer and enter the real world. At least for a couple of hours a day.
It's going to increase the number of newcomers and drive-bys due to people logging in for Chicago stuff and hopping over to see what mainline SDMB is like. It's also, therefore, going to increase the number of clueless n00bs who don't know how we play this game--a couple weeks ago, somebody in his first few posts got mildly warned by a mod for pointing out that some other poster wasn't very bright ("we don't tolerate insults here"), and he was (IMHO) justified in posting a WTF? That was an insult? Cripes. So, it's going to increase the workload of the mods, more than anything else.

Huh. The Chicago fora get to embed pictures.

How about that.
If that's the case than it IS a bad idea because regular customers, many who pay to support the boards and have been there for a decade or more don't get to do that. Way to spit in our face for all our support Ed.