~GRY (geearewhy) wrote in sdmb,


I got the email about my Doper subscription being up for renewal. With the sudden fall-off in Dopers going to various alternative boards and everybody trying to squeeze every last penny out of every turnip they've got, I'm seriously considering not paying up my $7.50.

Plus I finally figured out how to block images in Firefox.

Anybody else not renewing their subscription this time around?
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Not me, I'm renewing mine FOREVER!
I was going to renew mine, but the only payment option was PayPal. I don't have PayPal and I don't want it.
I believe you can use a regular credit card through Paypal without having to create an account.
So you can. Thank you.
I'm debating. Probably not since I'll be unemployed about that time and I'll need to save my ducats. I have AdBlock anyway.
I haven't been there since February. I don't imagine I'll renew.
Not renewing.
If I'm not going to see one of my favorite .sig files any more, then there's DEFINITELY no reason for me to spend any money on the site.
Guests don't get sigs? Huh. Didn't know that.
Yes, guests see signatures.

I wasn't invited to renew, so evidently I won't be.

Sad, really.
My sub apparently lapsed today. So no location or post count on the posts. Whee. Sig's still there, just as you said.
Cool. Then I have no need to pony up money to read funny .sigs.
Dunno. Haven't posted since the Under New Management rules went into effect. I'll have to think about it.
Since Ed banned me for life ('cause he's a cunt), it just doesn't seem appropriate to renew.
I have no idea why, but I'm renewing. I read and post I think twice a year, usually on a whim, yet I'm renewing. Why? SOMEONE TELL ME WHY!
Yeah, me too. I guess because whenever I do deign to go in there and share my wonderfulness with the undeserving teeming masses, I want those bitches to know I AM A MEMBER.
Plus, we're OLD TIMERS.
Some sort of subliminal command, maybe? It worked on me, too ...
Didn't renew. I still post there, but "Charter Member" doesn't really mean as much to me as it did, and I have better uses for my $8.