Chicago Dog Lovers: Help this poor dog at Animal Control!

"Sweetie" is an 8-10 year old dog who was abandoned on the streets of Chicago by her owner. She is blind but because dogs rely more on smell than sight she would be able to adapt to a home. Sadly she is running out of time at animal control. A foster home or adopter needs to be found in the next 24 hours or she will be put to sleep.
You can see a video of this sweet girl here:

Info on how to foster/adopt is here:¬e_id=283402801673010
Or you can become friends with Adopt a Pittie from the City to ask them to pull her for you:

Ideally she would go to a quiet home without other dogs or a very mellow dog. Please, even if you can't adopt her yourself, spread the word to others who might be able to help this poor sweetheart out and save a life!

Sorry if anyone doesn't like that I posted this here but I know a lot of dopers are from Chicago.
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Settings changed

I changed the settings for this community so that if links are posted that aren't on the whitelist the entry will be moderated. This should cut down on the spam postings. Sorry for the clutter folks.


I got the email about my Doper subscription being up for renewal. With the sudden fall-off in Dopers going to various alternative boards and everybody trying to squeeze every last penny out of every turnip they've got, I'm seriously considering not paying up my $7.50.

Plus I finally figured out how to block images in Firefox.

Anybody else not renewing their subscription this time around?

Splinter boards

I know that I haven't been terribly active of late, but I do know that there have been major changes and there are splinter boards breaking off from the Dope.  A number of prominent posters have already broken away and joined the new boards.

I'll probably remain at the dope, but the good thing is that it's not like it's a marriage... I can join as many boards as I like.  :)

That being said, does anyone have a somewhat comprehensive list of the splinter boards?

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Another alternative message board

No ill will towards giraffe-best wishes on your new endeavor, yet there's another choice, if you haven't heard of it. Domebo, started by CRSP, formerly known as Captain Ridley's Shooting Party. Many of your old friends can be found there, too. is the link to use.
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