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Now what's going on?

The board was working about an hour ago, but now it doesn't go anywhere. I mean, there's not even a 404 error or "We can't find that page" or "The server may be busy". It's just blank.
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Must have been the Quick Reply box being put back in use.
S'back. At least for me, for now.
Me, too, now.
And now it seems to be down again.
Yep. I just alt-tabbed out of WoW to see if the TAR thread had any new posts and bam...it's gone.
I came home late, crammed the tape of TAR in, then wanted to snark about how Terrence should be shot -- and the whole SD domain had gone splat. No status reports, just a message that the domain had stopped responding.

Anyway. IMnshO, Terrence should be shot. Preferably by his teammate. (I usually don't know teams well until at least leg 3.)

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