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Gee, what a shock

"The message boards are currently down to resolve a database problem."

I swear, this is the ONLY website I pay to use-and it's the only one that gives me so much crap.

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Must be WeirdDave banning backlash.
When did Dave get banned? I missed that entirely.
Last night-apparently, he had too many warnings over the years.

Yeah, it was news to me too. I just saw his LJ post here, and tried to follow up before everything went to shit at the boards.

I don't think he's that broken up about it -- but I don't want to speak for him.
You're correct.

I believe the boards are down because the Steelers won.


9 years ago


9 years ago

I've seen the message a few times lately, but it usually only takes a page refresh to make it go away. I suspect it's a mis-placed error message when a lock error or something is generated on a request.
Why do you bother paying? You don't have to pay to post any more. Are the ads that annoying? They are all blocked for me, so I don't even know. I am just not sure why anyone would pay.

I just wanted to be a "Member" again ... I'm very insecure.
You could always add a sig that says "I'm a member; I'm just poor!"

Hey, that 'Charter Member' title is worth something! least, so I assume. I let my membership lapse some years ago and have no idea what the title situation is.
Hey, $7.50 for such an honored title is a... bargain?

I dunno, I got nothin'. :P
Dave's banning is just another manifestation of the capricious and heavy-handed management (if you wish to abuse the word) practiced by Ed and a handful of mods whose heads are so far up their asses, they can spot their own uvulas.
Why am I having flashbacks to 2005? And 2003? And 2001? And... oh, wait... ;)
Dunno what your point is, if you have one, but I really don't care. Flashback to the last time I told you to stuff it.
Why don't both of you stuff it? Don't make me come up there!