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Well, Ed finally did it: New Pit Rules

Basically the same as before-no racist remarks, no trolling, no fake pittings, etc.


We also have these WONDERFUL additions!!!

No abusive remarks directed at other posters
Don't direct obscenities or vulgarities at other posters - this includes everything from "fuck you" on up. If you don't like another poster, you're free to make that plain. That doesn't mean you can say anything you want. Creative insults are permitted; crude vituperation is not. We'll be the judge of what constitutes abuse.

No complaints about SDMB administration in the Pit
All comments or complaints about SDMB administration should go in the About This Message Board forum, not in the Pit. Pitting of SDMB staff is permitted for views they express as ordinary posters.

No obscenities in thread titles

The rules regarding profanity in the Pit are the same as those for the rest of the SDMB. The board is intended for adults and occasional vulgarities will go unremarked. However, we don't have unlimited tolerance for this. If you give the impression of having Tourette's syndrome, we may tell you to knock it off.

Jesus fucking CHRIST, Ed! Your best mods are quitting, people are constantly complaing-this is a BUSINESS-it's no longer "Our Board, Our Rules."

Since I can't say it on the boards anymore-
FUCK YOU, ED, you fucking troglodyte!!!!!!!!!!!!
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